Public Sector Design: It’s all fun until someone gets hurt, Thursday April 19th, 6:30-8:30pm

Speaker: Carrie Bishop from Futuregov

Respondent: Barry Quirk from Lewisham Council

Venue: Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, House of Commons, Westminster, SW1A 2LW, London

Book tickets here on eventbrite (no charge)

Carrie Bishop

Carrie Bishop is a director at FutureGov, a consultancy and social innovation incubator specialising in new media for government in the UK and USA.  She loves her job.

She has a background in Local Government, having worked at the London Borough of Barnet, first as a graduate on the NGDP in the role of Policy Officer and then as a Change Manager.  She was responsible for piloting the first social media project at the council.

Carrie has also worked with several other local authorities and public bodies, having been a consultant at the public sector consultancy Capita Consulting.

Since joining FutureGov, Carrie has led projects focused on using social technologies for better collaboration, open innovation and organisational change. She led on the development and implementation of the Safeguarding 2.0 project, and is currently working on lots of FutureGov Projects.

Follow Carrie on Twitter: @carriebish

Public Sector Design: It’s all fun until someone gets hurt

 Public services are ripe for design thinking and applying web technology in new ways.  Carrie will talk about making change happen in hierarchical bureaucracies and more importantly making it stick.  Drawing on experience inside and outside of the Public Sector, the talk will be practically focused, looking at new approaches to some of society’s most intractable problems, opening up the ideation process, and tactically dealing with the barriers and hurdles presented when working in one of the most demanding yet rewarding sectors.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll rethink your assumptions, as Carrie talks you through her experience as the director of FutureGov, a company pushing the boundaries in local government using design, technology and change.

Who should come
Public sector managers, designers, project mangers working in social innovation, social entrepreneurs, policy advisors, service providers, think tanks, activists, investors, educators, researchers.

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