Next talk: Prototyping social enterprise Care 4 Care, London Design Festival

We’re taking a break for the summer but our next event (with room for up to 200 people) is at the Sackler Centre, Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the London Design Festival.

Date: Friday 14 September 6-8pm
Location: Sackler Centre, V&A Museum, South Kensington
Speakers: Sylvia Wyatt and Lucy Kimbell, Young Foundation
Respondent: John Worth, Know Your Own Health

Speakers from the team behind social venture Care 4 Care will talk about their use of design approaches to create this venture through a process of participatory innovation. The brainchild of Professor Heinz Wolff, Care 4 Care offers a new approach to one of the most pressing challenges facing many societies today: how to care for ageing populations now, and how to ensure that people will be cared for in the future. At a time of deep cuts and uncertainty over the future of our pensions in the UK and beyond, Care 4 Care looks to the value we put on mutuality and reciprocity. Care 4 Care will provide support for older people through mutual exchange supported by a time-banking system: ‘support provided by me now in return for support for me later’. Members earn ‘care credits’ by supporting/caring for an older person in their local community. The hours of support members provide are recorded in their individual care credit account for the member’s own future use or to support a relative or friend now.

To design this venture, the team from the Young Foundation and Professor Wolff, as well as partners Age UK in the pilot area of the Isle of Wight, have been using a range of approaches from fields such as venturing, service design, the social sciences and management. Methods used include undertaking user research, iterative prototyping, participatory design, service blueprinting, organisational analysis and change management. Using design strategically has been central to crafting the proposition, engaging volunteers, and learning from prototyping.

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